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SSL Icons, Vectors And Logos

Published at April 22, 2009

SSL certificate seals or the famous SSL lock icons are the images of trust in the eyes of website users. They simply state that a SSL certificate is installed and every data sent between the user and the server will be encyrpted.

Also, whether you are a web designer who wants to add a totally different lock icon to your website or a web hosting company selling SSL certificates, you may be in need of various chic lock icons that will symbolize SSL certificates.

Here they are, seals and logos of famous SSL brands + beautiful lock icons.



RapidSSL Icon – Seal


RapidSSL Logo

RapidSSL Icon


RapidSSL Logo




Geotrust Icon – Seal


Geotrust Logo

The Geotrust seal below is for QuickSSL. For any other Geotrust SSL certificates, there is a dynamic seal generated.

Geotrust Icon - Seal


Geotrust Logo

Click here for downloading a vector Geotrust logo (.EPS).


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16 Powerful And Open Source E-Commerce Applications

Published at February 9, 2009

To create an e-commerce website, there are few ways:

  • Develop an e-commerce application from scratch.
  • Use a hosted e-commerce software.
  • Use a ready to use downloadable / installable e-commerce application.

First one takes so much time & resources which is not suitable for many people.

Second one has both positive & negative points. The biggest negative points are: you’ll be limited with the presented features & it’ll probably be paid.

Third one, you won’t be getting professional support which is the bad part but will have a community to ask questions & get answers. Also, considering the software is open source, there will be lots of users improving the product (& may be you).

Here are 16 powerful and open source e-commerce applications:


Magento E-Commerce

This powerful e-commerce software has very strong features both at the user & the admin level.

It is multilingual & also supports multiple stores to be managed from 1 admin interface which is unique.

It has lots of marketing/promotion methods to make sales easier like "buy 1 get 1 free" or "multi-tier pricing for quantity discounts" & almost any other possibilities you can imagine.

Magento is integrated with PayPal, Google Checkout and many other e-payment systems.

The system works with PHP and uses MySQL as the database.


dashCommerce Free Asp.Net Shopping Cart

An open source ASP.NET e-commerce application that uses MSSQL 2005 as the database.

dashCommerce is multilingual & totally customizable with the theming support.

PayPal & a simple weight-shipping calculation provider is integrated by default.

Unlimited categories can be created & unlimited images can be added to a product (thumbnails are auto-created).

If you’re looking for an ASP.NET shopping cart then you don’t have too many options & this is a great piece of software.


Drupal E-Commerce

Ubercart is an e-commerce platform for Drupal.

It is a feature-rich application that can sell physical goods, file downloads and even site access/memberships with auto-renewals.

It is installed as a module to Drupal & this makes it stronger as this makes it combined with one of the best CMS applications.

Ubercart works with many payment systems like Cyber Source,, PayPal & more.

Products can be imported/exported via XML & single page checkout feature makes shopping easy.

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